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Private Boat Charter


Private boat charters are available for diving or leisure.

We offer two packets which are the half day package and the full day package.

Please contact us for further details.

Boat Trip



Trip 1 – Around Comino and Blue Lagoon


– 4 hour

– Visit and swim at blue lagoon and Crystal lagoon

– Cruise towards Comino tower,  tuna farm, elephants point, comino caves, Santa Marija bay and San Niklaw bay

– Finish tour at Mgarr harbour




Trip 2 – Around Gozo and the Blue Logoon


– 4.5 hours

– Visit and swim at Fungus Rock, either Ramla bay or San Blas bay (depending on weather) and Blue lagoon

– Cruise towards Mgarr ix XIni, Ta Cenc cliffs, Santa  Katarina cave, Azure Window, Ta Gurdan Lighthouse, Xwejni    bay, Qbajjar, salt pans, Dahlet qorrot and Hondoq bay.

– Finish tour at Mgarr harbour


gozo trip details


Trip 3 – All around Gozo and Comino


– 8.5 hours

– Comino

– Anchor at blue lagoon where you can sunbathe and swim

– Cruise towards Crystal lagoon, Comino tower,  tuna farm, elephants point, comino caves, Santa Marija bay, San Niklaw bay

– Gozo

– Anchor at Dwejra Bay and Ramla bay or San Blas bay

– Cruise towards Mgarr ix Xini creek, Ta Cenc cliffs, Xlendi Bay, Santa Katarina cave, Fungus rock, Crocodile rock, Azure window (depending on weather)

– Finish tour at Mgarr harbour


malta and gozo details


Self Driving Boat


The boats are at Mgarr harbour 15 minutes away from the beautiful Comino. You can go to Comino and discover hidden caves all by yourself and your guests with a self driving boat.


40 HP

Speed 28 knots
17 ft ( 5.2 meters)
Max persons 6

2 hrs€ 60

  • Any time
  • 40 hp

Full day€ 180

  • 9.30 till 18.00
  • 40 hp


90 HP

Max speed 36 knots
17ft (5.2 meters)
Max persons 7

2 Hours€ 80

  • Any time
  • 90 hp

Full Day€ 210

  • 9.30 till 18.00
  • 90 hp


  • Fuel not included
  • The boats are fully insured and supplied with all safety equipment.
  • You don’t need a licence to drive the boats
  • The boats are equipped with canopy.


Jet Ski


The Jet Ski are at Mgarr harbour only 15 minutes away from Comino island. Also tours around the island can be organised.

  • The price includes fuel, life jacket and waterproof mobile pockets
  • On request we can even organise a jet ski tour
  • You don’t need to have a licence for driving the jet ski


Please don’t hesitate to ask for daily deals and more information.


45 minutes€ 75

  • 1 person

60 minutes€ 90

  • 1 person

60 minutes +N/A

  • 1 person

45 minutes€ 90

  • 2 persons

60 minutes€ 120

  • 2 persons

60 minutes +N/A

  • 2 persons
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